eAvio Club releases

March 2021 (v1.18.x)

Better API for 3rd party solutions integration

New API-s for getting and receiving flight-logs, users, aircrafts. With all the tests and documentation available in Swagger.

Searchable and sorted airports

Frequently used airports are now on the top of the list. It is also possible to search for a specific airport.

Users money balance monitor

You can now quickly see how much money a specific user has on his section account.

Improved user profile

Users can now edit additional profile info from within the mobile app. including Licenses/Ratings/Medical. ​

January 2021 (v1.18.x)

Aircrafts and members keys and IDs catalogues

Define multiple keys or IDs associated with users or aircraft (for example "IMEI" of the aircraft tracker or ID of the members RFID tag).

Internal money transfer

Possibility to transfer money from one member to another member internal account. All inside organisation.

Bulk aircraft reservations from control center

We've added the possibility to reserve multiple or all aircraft at the same time from the control center.

Aircraft maintenance log

Simplify reporting aircraft's planned maintenance. Including automatic relation between 50, 100, 200... hours checks.

December 2020 (v1.18.x)

Schedule timeslots for instructors

It is now possible for students to schedule instructors' predefined timeslots.

Repetable flight orders

For repeated flights, you may now define repeatable flight orders.

Posibility to pay after flight

Pilots can pay for flights after flight log entry. Before it was only possible to fly after pre-payment.

October 2020 (v1.17.x)

PWA version of the application

PWA looks almost like a native app. It works on Android and iOS devices, by adding a shortcut of the app to the home screen.

Reservations from group calendar

It is now possible to make aircraft reservations from the reservations calendar on the mobile app.

Additional information with flight logs

When submitting a flight log, additional information like next maintenance, total flight time, etc. are calculated and displayed.

Add files or links to news

Easily attach attachments or links to the news.

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