Follow these simple instructions to get familiar with the eAvio Club application.

Password Reset

  • Open the eAvio Club application’s login page (https://*clubname*.eavio.club)
  • Click on “Forgot password?
  • Enter your email address and press “Confirm”
  • You will recieve an email with the password reset URL
  • Click the “Reset Password” button or manually copy and paste the URL into the browser’s address bar
  • Type your new, at least six characters long password, repeat it and then confirm it by once again clicking “Reset Password
  • Your password should now be reset and you can use it to login
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Account Fill-up

  • Start by navigating to “Finances” from the menu
  • Find the section you want to deposit into and press the “Fill-up” button
  • This either opens a menu for selecting a payment method or a simple form to enter the desired value of your fill-up (this is based on the application settings)
  • After you enter a valid amount, click “Pay Now” and “Confirm
  • This redirects you back to Finances and creates a new open transaction in your name
  • The transaction can be confirmed by the manager or another authorized user
  • After the confirmation your balance is updated and an invoice of the payment is created 
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  • Start by navigating to “Sections” from the menu
  • Select the section you want to make a reservation in by clicking on it
  • Scroll down to the fleet and select the aircraft you want to reserve
  • You can now choose if you want to skip the reservation and go straight to creating a flight order. In that case skip to Flight Order below, otherwise select “Reservation
  • A calendar with other reservations for this aircraft now opens. You can hold and drag on it to select a time or simply click on the “Add Reservation” button at the top
  • The reservation form opens. You must enter a start and stop time, with the flight route and description being optional
  • When you are happy with the reservation, click “Create
  • You are redirected back to the section where you can now see a new blue-colored card, representing the reservation

Flight Order

  • After creating a reservation it’s time to submit a flight order
  • Under the previously-created reservation lies a white card representing a soon-to-be flight order
  • Clicking on the “Flight Order” card opens its form with the aircraft already selected
  •  Here you must select one or multiple flight purposes and the start and stop times. The description is optional
  • When you’re done press “Create

Flight Log

  • A flight log is the final step
  • Create it by clicking on its card under the previously-created flight order
  • This opens the flight log form, where you should enter all the necessary information about your flight
  • Power and ultralight pilots have to insert at least one leg by pressing the “Add Leg” button, with the comments and warnings fields being optional
  • Instructor is required for students, otherwise optional
  • After correctly inserting all the information click “Create
  • All cards are now colored blue and have collapsed into a single “stack” of cards
  • The created flight log can still be edited until it’s completed. Afterwards only a reclamation can be requested
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